Resources for Partners

This page offers tools and ideas for actions that could be helpful in carrying out the Reduce the Rancor, Minnesota campaign within your organization and community, whatever your level of commitment. Ideas range from simply endorsing the campaign to leading your community to take a step and growing your constituents’ capacity to lead the work of depolarizing.

If your organization is not a partner and you wish to learn more about it, please email

How to begin to participate in the campaign?

Write down your mission and see how it aligns with the campaign. For instance, Dr. Laurel Ries, president of the Minnesota Medical Association said at our March 11 kick-off: “We are expecting one in three rural physicians to retire in the next five years. And part of that is being driven by rancor or burnout. Nobody's out there saying we should be less healthy. We all want to be healthy. We have different strategies for how to get there. But health is a common goal.”

How do I endorse the Reduce the Rancor, Minnesota campaign?

How do I go from endorsing to promoting Reduce the Rancor, Minnesota?

What steps can members of our community take? 

How can members of my community become even more involved?