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 The Braver Angels Way (PDF),  a statement of principles on how to interact with others.

      Quick Tips for Braver Conversations (PDF)

      Braver Angels library includes member-recommended books. Members are encouraged to make book suggestions.

Braver Angels: Reuniting America - Documentary about the 2027 retreat that launched Braver Angels

Examine other viewpoints

The Flipside: Get The Flipside email - it provides a daily look at Red and Blue current political issues.

Allsides: A website that looks at all political sides with the Red/Blue Dictionary, the Allsides article archive and the Media Bias Chart.

Read Across the Aisle : An app that offers a range of news outlets from liberal to conservative. Some of these news outlets require a subscription for access.

Constructive Dialogue Institute: Provides resources to foster mutual understanding within educational and organizational settings. 

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Depolarization in the Age of Misinformation, a presentation by Jonathan Rauch, a conservative analyst at the Brookings Institute, at the 2023 National Braver Angels convention.


A Conflict of Visions -- Ideological Origins of Political Struggles by Thomas Sowell, a well-known conservative who has written many books. This book examines the history of liberal and conservative perspectives. Some of his other books make a case for the conservative point of view. This book offers the perspective of each side.

American Schism by Seth David Radwell, who is described as an internationally known business executive and thought leader in consumer marketing who has a passion for our shared democratic values and an interest in American public policy. This book discusses the roots of the rife in America since its founding, the core issues that underlie all of today's bickering and offers a detailed, effective plan to move forward.

The Braver Angels Library on the national website lists books recommended by Braver Angels members around the country.

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