2024 Election Survival Guide

This 3 1/2-minute video offers practical ideas on how to prepare yourself for challenging conversations involving the candidates and the election. The key is to focus on preserving the relationship.

Resources to survive the 2024 election season

The purpose of the video and these documents is to help you prepare for conversations with family and friends who think differently than you do about politics. They include views about each candidate that you might hear from those who support them. No matter how much you disagree with someone's position, you can prepare to listen with respect and maintain a good relationship. 

For more tools and resources to preserve relationships, explore the Braver Angels Minnesota website. Please join us in helping to hold America together. We practice The Braver Angels Way.

Views of voters who support former President Trump and President Biden

Even though you may disagree with someone on the other side, these position papers may help you understand  -- in dispassionate language -- some of their reasoning. 

Conservatives and liberals agree on how to restore trust in our elections, according to a recent Braver Angels report. This is important to know because conservatives and liberals distrust our electoral system for vastly different reasons—from voter fraud and election security to voter suppression and peaceful transfer of power. Leading up to the 2024 election, Braver Angels worked to rebuild this trust by seeking solutions supported by people across the political spectrum. To this end, Braver Angels held 26 workshops around the country with 194 evenly balanced Red and Blue participants. Together, they found 727 unanimous points of agreement across values and concerns, and proposed 23 specific solutions.  Read about the Trustworthy Elections Campaign on the Braver Angels website.

Braver Angels Minnesota offers Election Survival Guide to reduce political rancor and preserve relationships

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St. Paul, Minn.

In a divisive election year, Braver Angels Minnesota, a nonpartisan nonprofit working to bridge the partisan divide, has developed the 2024 Election Survival Guide to support Minnesotans who feel uncertain about handling political differences with those around them.


The guide, which is free, offers a three-minute video and other resources with practical ideas on preparing for challenging political conversations with family, friends and neighbors…more

Reduce the Rancor, Minnesota

Learn about what Braver Angels is doing to reduce hostile polarization in public life through the Reduce the Rancor, Minnesota campaign, a partnership with Minnesota Public Radio and 27 partner organizations. 

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