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Welcome to Braver Angels

Braver Angels Minnesota is part of a national citizens' movement that brings together conservatives, liberals, independents and others to restore trust, respect and goodwill in American politics.

We seek not to eliminate our differences but rather deal with them head-on -- with respect and understanding -- for the betterment of our communities. In short, we do not try to change people's views on issues but on how they view the other side.

We offer workshops, debates and structured conversations - typically for no charge - that allow participants to learn and practice effective listening and speaking skills. 

Our volunteers share and model these skills because they believe that treating each other better is the answer to what's broken in America. 

There will always be differences. We believe the best way forward is to change how we deal with those differences.


Renewing Civic Hope: America Must Face Its Civic Crisis
Time magazine, June 13, 2024 
By Trygve Throntveit and Harry Boyte

Our nation is in civic crisis. On one hand, Americans report historically low levels of trust in institutions and offices of government. On the other, they exaggerate the power of such institutions and offices, demanding that the U.S. president end the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, for instance, or work harder to stop inflation. As the 2024 election approaches, some lament the travesty of a democracy reduced to a choice between bad and worse; others view the prospect of their chosen candidates’ losing as they might the prospect of a foreign invasion or zombie apocalypse.

Americans are losing hope: specifically, that distinctive, civic hope that their own choices and actions can meaningfully and positively shape their communities’ futures. In the face of such hopelessness, we recall the words attributed to the late Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter: “In a democracy, the highest office is the office of citizen.”  Read more

How foreign language abroad made me think of “foreign” language at home
By Scott Schluter

"What might these three things: travels across an ocean, a foreign language and Braver Angels, working to bridge the political divide, have in common? I’d like to tell you about my recent trip...more..."

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You can donate directly to the Minnesota State Alliance #123.

News about Braver Angels Minnesota  

Inside Hook, a magazine aimed at men

Picture of the volunteers at a Hold America Together dinner event

Upcoming Events

Three White Bear Lake organizations  - League of Women Voters, Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary Club - are hosting a Skills for Disagreeing Better workshop June 11. For more details and other upcoming Events.

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Get involved

We offer many ways to Get Involved. Join for $12 a year. Take a free eCourse. Attend a free local, state or national Braver Angels event, among other possibilities. Donations gratefully accepted.

Volunteer Profile - Read about Bruce Morlan of Northfield in Get Involved. He leans conservative and volunteers as a Braver Angels ambassador who speaks to Rotary Clubs around the state about Braver Angels. 

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Reduce the Rancor

Join our latest campaign to build capacity among individual Minnesotans and constituencies in academic, civic and religious organizations to disagree better. Here's what one partner said about why her organization joined the campaign.

"We are expecting one in three rural physicians to retire in the next five years. And part of that is being driven by rancor or burnout. Nobody's out there saying we should be less healthy. We all want to be healthy. We have different strategies for how to get there. But health is a common goal."
                                                                  Laurel Ries M.D., President, Minnesota Medical Association

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Braver Angels Effectiveness

After participating in our programs: 

After participating in our signature Red/Blue Workshop:

After participating in 1:1 Conversations:  97% of participants say they found common ground with someone across the divide.

Source: Braver Angels Program Evaluations 


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